Brightmoon Media has been producing films for a decade and the owner and director Roger Appleton has been making films for over twenty years with in excess of thirty broadcast credits to his name and more recently two major feature documentaries that have been sold world wide.

During this period Brightmoon Media has developed working relationships with Premier Picture and Evolutionary Films who have acted as finance and sales agents for Roger’s most recent productions including Looking for Lennon which was nominated for Documentary of the year in the National Film and Television Awards.

In a business model with emphasis on sustainable production Brightmoon Media has a working relationship with Higher Education making more that 50 films in the last five years delivering academic content at broadcast standard including one hour documentaries shot in Australia, Tenerife and around the UK. We have, where possible, a commitment to employing people from the Merseyside area while maintaining links with business partners across the UK. 

Roger was joined by David Bedford in 2021 as a fellow director, having worked together on “Looking for Lennon” and developed a friendship and good working relationship. As a respected Beatles author and historian, David is also heading up new frontiers within Brightmoon Liverpool on Youtube

Brightmoon Media has a strong commitment to equal opportunities and promotes this in our working ethic and in the content of our films.